Zai Soft :We create Digital media to present products reach people and easier to remember.


Game is a super powerful communication

you can use games to deliver your messages to your target recipient while as the recipient, people can productively grasp your messages by playing the game


Now! It’s time to present your product from computer system or mobile

We can help you to create Game, Interactive, Art asset

That will make your product look special and good different

for break the sale limit

Consulting and Education

more 10 years Experience from Game and Animaton industry

If you want Consultant or Coach for advice your team to make a good game,

Create digital  product on limited time from efficient budget or How to make beautiful art assets in professional system

Personal Brand


create Mascot,  Logo 

2D and 3D


making your product

more unique

Animation ,Vtuber


making story and experience for your audience

If you are searching


- Create quality work at good value and upright resource.

- ​WIN-WIN Agreement 

- There are many packages, prices depend on scope and time of the work

- Free basic consultation to solve problems without charge

- No hidden costs, One time payment if this project isn't link to after sales services.

- Teach or coach for draw picture, give in-depth consultation to private individuals or special companies

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